Land Mobile Radio

LMR and Public Safety Services

The need for reliable and interoperable communications for Public Safety has increased dramatically in the last decade. Newer technologies and applications, new and revised spectrum availability, and ever changing government regulations has directly impacted the direction of Public Safety and the evolution of their communications. The move to digital P25 standards and narrow-banded channels is in progress.

Legacy systems, (HF to UHF) are still in use, and will be for the near future.  All of these combined have resulted in a need for the development of network migration and deployment plans that are compatible, while allowing for broader interoperability, incorporation of newer frequency bands, and the latest broadband applications.


Field Services

Viquet Communications provides qualified and experienced technicians to handle the most time and labor-intensive tasks.

On-site ServicesANRITSU_MT8212A

  • Surveys
  • Hardware audits
  • Hardware upgrades
  • RF device retunes
  • Software and firmware upgrades
  • Line sweeps
  • Mobile subscriber retune or replacement
  • Installation and testing of field equipment




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